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    Note:  This article highlights aspects of xDB Cloud versions 1.0—2.0 . For information about the updated Sitecore Cloud offering, Managed Cloud, please refer to Sitecore Managed Cloud – Service Catalog article.

    xDB Cloud provides customers with a managed database experience in the cloud. The following table presents the scope of the service aspects currently available for Sitecore xDB Cloud.

    A lot of services are initiated by contacting Sitecore Support Portal. For information on how to use the portal, visit the How to use Sitecore Support Portal article.

    Service Aspect Description Method Resolution SLA
    xDB Cloud Activation Customers can request xDB Cloud 2.0 subscription. Contact Sitecore regional office N/A
    xDB Cloud Termination Customers can request a termination of their xDB Cloud subscription. Refer to the process described here N/A
    View Consumption Customers can view their unit consumption vs. quota for a given period. Using self-service REST API N/A
    View xDB Sets Customers can view the list of their xDB sets. Using self-service REST API N/A
    Delete xDB Set Customers can delete/deprovision an xDB set. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal 3 business days
    Create xDB Set Customers can create an xDB set according to purchased quota (production and nonproduction). Contact the Sitecore Support Portal
    Read more here.
    3 business days
    xDB Set data clean up Customers can request a full data clean up of their existing xDB set. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal 7 business days
    xDB Set export Customers can obtain an export/backup of their collection database data. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal 7 business days
    xDB data import Customers can request to import a MongoDB backup into a newly created xDB Cloud set. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal.
    Read more in How to import data into xDB Cloud
    7 business days
    Upgrade xDB Sets Customers can request a minor or major upgrade of an xDB set to match newer Sitecore XP releases and updates. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal.
    Read more in How to upgrade xDB Cloud
    2 business days
    Migrate xDB Cloud 1.0
    to xDB Cloud 2.0
    Customers can migrate an existing xDB Cloud set from xDB Cloud 1.0 to 2.0. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal.
    Read more here
    7 business days
    Migrate License ID Customers can migrate an xDB set from one license ID to another. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal 3 business days
    Upgrade MongoDB server version Customers can request an upgrade of MongoDB server version for specific xDB Cloud set to the newer one. Contact the Sitecore Support Portal.
    See compatibility details here and here
    7 business days
    IP Restrict Access Customers can restrict access to the xDB set by IP. Available for production xDB sets by contacting the Sitecore Support Portal (restriction only for MongoDB) 3 business days
    Technical contact Customers can declare a technical contact (name, email address). Contact the Sitecore Support Portal N/A
  • Service Aspects Not Available

    The following services are not available:

    Service Aspect Description
    Change XDB type Customers can reconfigure an xDB set from nonproduction to production
    or vice versa.
    Purge Customers can set a purge threshold for collected data, for example, 12 months.
    Recycle authentication Customers or Sitecore can initiate a rolling update of database logins and REST service authentication headers.
  • The xDB Cloud Policies describe the support and maintenance practices of the Sitecore xDB Cloud Service.

    Policy Description
    Compatibility Compatibility can be checked in the Compatibility Table
    Backup MongoDB data are backed up daily with a 7-day retention policy. SQL reporting is equipped with a minimum 7-day point-in-time restore.
    SSL Encryption NoSQL authentication and data transport are encrypted.
    Monitoring Sitecore regularly monitors performance/availability of MongoDB and Reporting SQL databases, correctness of aggregation process, and the general availability of Processing and Reporting servers.

Applies to:

CMS 8+

November 02, 2015
June 21, 2017


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