Known issues for Sitecore EXM

  • This article describes the known issues with the Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) module.

    For all EXM documentation, please visit the Sitecore Documentation Site.

    For information about availability of the fixes for the mentioned known issues, refer to the Release Notes of the future EXM releases.

    Note: This is not a complete list of known issues related to the Sitecore EXM module. For additional known issues, refer to the following:

    • A Content Testing exception appears in the log files on a Dedicated Dispatch server when scheduling an AB test message. (145784)
    • A newly added campaign report only shows statistics for the last 30 days. Any interactions, for example, opens and clicks older than 30 days, are not included in the report. (115475)
      Workaround: To include in the report all the interactions from the date the message was sent until the current date, request hotfix 115475 from Sitecore Support.
    • EXM statistics can be lost for messages that were dispatched before the upgrade to EXM 3.3. (191528)
      Workaround: Extract the data manually for historical reports.
    • The Advanced User role is unable to schedule a Monthly or Yearly recurring message. (83629)
    • The Refresh button does not refresh reports on the Report page. (59345)
    • The Delete attachment button does not work from the Reports page. (61331)
    • The Save as Subscription Message template does not display included recipient lists. (61720)
    • Searching for a message with special symbols in its name does not work. (61737)
    • The See AB test results and Quick test actions do not work correctly for triggered messages. (62172)
    • The recipient list shows 0 total recipients after recipients have been subscribed to the list. (62217)
    • Automatic A/B testing cannot be recurring for weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals. (64010)
    • You can get a NullReferenceException error in the report of the Installation Wizard during the EXM update process. It does not affect the update process and EXM functionality. (64176)
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] The A/B test does not start when started with a locked list. (25717) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] Variants are not sent in equal numbers for A/B testing dispatched on certain dedicated server setups. (25686) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] The Page mode preview registers analytics visits in CD/CM configuration. (24732) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] The Send Email Campaign and Edit Email Audience actions are not triggered through changing the state. (23737) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] Creating a schedule or recurring schedule with Moscow time does not schedule the message. (25653) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] Canceling a recurring schedule of a message after the first send of it is not possible. To work around this, the user must delete the schedule item in the Content Editor.(25652)  
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] Two Alternative Text fields are displayed when a user inserts a token in a hidden Alt text field. (25645)  
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] The message body is not refreshed after editing if changes in the subject field were not saved. (25268) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] Scheduled triggered messages for activation do not show the message in the scheduled messages list. (25202) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] The Export message recipients action does not export all recipients. (25697) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] Sender details are not disabled for messages created based on the Subscription message template. (15401) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-2] The Search in the Active A/B message does not work. (25984)
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-2] Emulation of sending does not work for triggered messages and the message is actually sent. (15166) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-2] Unsubscribes are counted as visits in the Message Performance report. (25701) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-2] Message tabs load all the recipients, causing slow performance in message load time. (24867) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-1] New presentation components cannot be added to the message in the page editor. (23497) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-2] The Triggered Message token in the subject field is empty when there is no focus on it when editing the message. (25716) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.1] During installation of EXM, the error log has exceptions, but installation succeeds. (27749)
      Before starting the installation, add the ecm.dispatch connection string to /App_Config/ConnectionStrings.config:
      <add name="ecm.dispatch" connectionString="mongodb://localhost/ecm_dispatch" />        
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.1] After updating from EXM 3.0 to EXM 3.0 update-1, messages that were in the Select a winner state from the A/B testing are not able to send the winning variant because the message is changed to a paused state. (27759) 
      Ensure that no messages are in the Select a winner state before updating EXM to EXM 3.0 update-1
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.1] The Create one time message dialog does not have all the lists of standard templates in the dialog for ja-jp EXM Advanced user. (38502) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-3] The view state fails to load in the Select Role dialog. (39006) 
    • [Fixed in EXM 3.0 Update-3] When a contact unsubscribes from a list that has been converted during the upgrade to EXM 3.x from earlier versions, the contact is not added to the excluded list. (43835)
    • When a segmented list has been converted to a contact list during the upgrade to EXM 3.x from earlier versions, the number that indicates how many contacts are in the list can be incorrect. (43836)
    • During the upgrade from ECM 2.2 to EXM 3.0, the common global opt-out list is not created. (78808)
      Before you start the upgrade process, export the list and then after the upgrade, import it again.

Applies to:

EXM 3.0+

July 06, 2015
November 20, 2017