Sitecore Cloud monitoring and notifications

  • This article describes the Sitecore policies and processes for monitoring customer-related cloud infrastructure and notifying customers of any impact on the service.

    Sitecore regularly monitors the availability and performance state of all key components of the following services:

    • Sitecore Managed Cloud – 24x7x365 (scope clarification)
    • xDB Cloud – 24x7x365
    • EXM Delivery Cloud – 24x7x365
    • App Center and all apps – monitored during business hours

    Upon detecting a potential outage or service degradation, as part of the monitoring effort, the Sitecore Support team analyzes the situation with the goal of restoring normal service operation in the shortest possible timeframe.

    Sitecore also occasionally performs maintenance activities on the related cloud infrastructure. Such activities are always performed with the goal of minimizing or avoiding any impact on customer production systems.

  • Service health information is displayed on the Availability page. Sitecore duplicates health status changes by email. The customer's email address is referenced from the Technical Contact section of the service contract.

    The Availability Page consists of two main sections:

    • Filter section
    • Records section

    Filter section provides the controls for customization of Availability section:

    • Availability for (1) – selects a required subscription
    • Deployment Filter (2) – filters the slots by Activity state
    • Cutoff Date (3) – The latest date to show availability

    Records section:

    • Show/hide legend (4) – expands the color legend for records
    • Deployment record (5) shows the following information
      • Slot Name
      • Current Deployment ID
      • Uptime for selected period
      • Period of shown availability
      • Availability chart – color coding according to legend

    Hover availability chart item to get an overview (6).

    Click availability chart item to get deleted information on events. Information window provides the list of the issues (7) on the left part. Click an item to get the details (8).



Applies to:

Managed Cloud 1+, App Center 1+, EXM 1+

May 03, 2017
January 06, 2021


  • App Center,
  • Azure Module,
  • Managed Cloud