Revert to default publishing after installing the Publishing Service

  • After the Publishing Service has been installed, users can still revert to the default publishing process.

  • To disable the Publishing Service:

    1. Locate the Sitecore.Publishing.Service.*.config files and change the file extension to .disabled. The files can be found in the following folders:
      • Sitecore XP 8.2: the /App_Config/Include folder.
      • Sitecore XP 9.0: the /App_Config/Modules/PublishingService folder.
    2. Switch to the Core database and rename the /sitecore/system/Aliases/Applications/Publish item to PublishDisabled.

    Note: To enable the Publishing Service again, you must revert the changes that you made.

Applies to:

Publishing Service 1+

August 03, 2017
October 23, 2017


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