Known issues with logging in to Sitecore Client

  • Sitecore licensing is based on the total number of concurrent client sessions. When this number reaches its threshold value, the next user is not permitted to log in. The user gets the following message that the Sitecore license has a limitation for the number of concurrent users:
    The maximum number of allowed users has been reached
    There might be multiple causes of this issue. Review the following sections for the possible scenarios and solutions.
  • Symptoms:

    The limit is reached due to idle users generated when the browser window is closed without logging out.
    Thus, Sitecore never gets an explicit logoff command and the client session does not get killed immediately. Because the Sitecore server has never received a logoff command, it waits until the client session time-out occurs. Default session time-out, defined by the Authentication.ClientSessionTimeout setting, is 60 minutes.


    You can change this behavior in one of the two ways:

    • Change the session timeout in the Sitecore.config file to a lesser value, for example:
      <setting name="Authentication.ClientSessionTimeout" value="20">
    • Click Log out to log out from the current session. 


  • Symptoms:

    If the Remember me check box is selected, automatic re-logging into the Sitecore Client, without having to enter a user's credentials, results in increasing the number of concurrent users by "1".


    • Upgrade the Sitecore XP instance to 9.3 Initial Release or higher.


Applies to:

CMS 6.1.0 Initial Release - 9.2 Initial Release

CMS 9.3 Initial Release

June 11, 2019
July 15, 2020

Reference number: