Known issues for Sitecore Experience Accelerator

  • This article describes the known issues with the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) module.

    For information about availability of the fixes for the mentioned known issues, refer to the Release Notes of the future SXA releases.

    • [Fixed in SXA 1.3] SXA does not notify the user that Metadata Partial Design is needed to insert a new Sticky Note. (4722)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.3] SXA skips the flash data source during export with Creative Exchange. (4554)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.3] The Pagination component does not work in preview and normal modes. (4828)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.4] The Event calendar is not rendered when you drag and drop a calendar component on the page. (6591, 6395)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.4] Sticky notes can behave unexpectedly. (5774, 6520, 6455, 5746)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.4] The standard values are not copied to the rendering parameters after you run the column splitter upgrade script. (6592)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.4] SXA reverses the logic of appending sitemap URLs to robots.txt. (6484)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.4] The Search Box and Search Results do not work properly when the alwaysIncludeServerUrl setting is set to true. (6446)
    • In Internet Explorer, in the Experience Editor, dragging and dropping SXA components to the page can be slow. (6160)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.5] The Flip component does not work when it is nested in the Tabs component. (5346)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.5] A console error occurs when you try to edit an existing partial design. (7596)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.5] The Page list rendering does not render the Home item title value. (7558)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.5] The SiteTagRepository.GetSiteTagsRoot() method does not work correctly. (7438)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.5] The sitemap contains incorrect priorities. (7929)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.6] Two location finder components on the same page do not work. (8685)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.8] An exported shared layout is saved as a Final Layout when it is re-imported in Creative Exchange. (11122)
    • The children of composite items remain locked even though the parent item is unlocked when a page is moved to the next workflow state. (11158)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.8] Rendering variants do not respect the link provider's language embedding setting. (12095)
    • In the Experience Editor, if you edit the Layout Details, open the Device Editor, click Placeholder Settings and try to add a control, the Placeholder Settings dialog throws an error. (12154)
    • The context is not updated for a component inside the container in a snippet. (12057)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.8] Newly created features are not listed in the add site feature popup in the Japanese language. (12131)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.7.1] If you change a data source for a composite rendering that is already present on a page, the renderings for both data sources are included.​ (12794)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.8] The Sitemap generator does not take language embedding into account for the links setting within the site. (12277)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.8] SXA requires that the list of sites that are participating in HTML cache clearing is defined under its processor because it replaces the platform processor.​ (12897)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.8] P​ersonalization does not work for components that are embedded in the Tabs component. (11443)
    • [Fixed in SXA 1.7.1] Opening the component properties for a component within a composite displays an error instead of the grid settings field. (12918)
    • S​ticky notes do not work for components on meta partial designs. (12033)
    • You cannot use drag and drop to add components to the tab heading placeholders. (257010)
    • If you use the Layout details dialog box to add placeholder settings, an error is shown. (247421)

Applies to:

SXA 1+

April 30, 2018
November 28, 2018