Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard – supported Azure data centers

  • The following table shows the list of Azure data centers supported by Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard. The availability of data centers is predominantly limited by the data centers that have Azure Search support. Full details of which data centers have the Azure resources required by Sitecore XP can be found in the Azure data center compatibility table.
    Area Region Managed Cloud Standard
    XM XP
    United States East US
    United States East US 2
    United States Central US
    United States North Central US
    United States South Central US
    United States West Central US x[1] x[1]
    United States West US
    United States West US 2
    Azure Government US Gov Virginia - -
    Azure Government US Gov Iowa - -
    Azure Government US Gov Arizona - -
    Azure Government US Gov Texas - -
    Azure Government US DOD East - -
    Azure Government US DOD Central - -
    Canada Canada East - -
    Canada Canada Central
    Brazil Brazil South - -
    Europe North Europe (Ireland)
    Europe West Europe (Netherlands)
    Europe Switzerland North - -
    Europe Switzerland South - -
    Europe Norway North - -
    Europe Norway South - -
    Germany Germany Central - -
    Germany Germany Northeast - -
    United Kingdom UK West x[1] x[1]
    United Kingdom UK South
    France France Central x x
    France France South - -
    Asia Pacific Southeast Asia (Singapore)
    Asia Pacific East Asia (Hong Kong) x x
    Asia China East - -
    Asia China East 2 - -
    Asia China North - -
    Asia China North 2 - -
    Australia Australia East
    Australia Australia Southeast
    Australia Australia Central x[1] x[1]
    Australia Australia Central 2 x[1] x[1]
    India Central India x x
    India West India x[1] x[1]
    India South India x[1] x[1]
    Japan Japan East x x
    Japan Japan West x[1] x[1]
    Korea Korea Central x x
    Korea Korea South - -
    South Africa South Africa North x x
    South Africa South Africa West - -
    United Arab Emirates UAE Central - -
    United Arab Emirates UAE North - -

    Legend: "-" – not available; "x" - Available (supports versions 9.x), "✓" – Recommended (supports versions 9.x, 10.x+)

    An Azure data center is Recommended when it has the complete set of services locally to support current and future Managed Cloud offerings. Sitecore recommends deploying in these regions to ensure that future capabilities will not require changing data centers. Available regions provide the core Sitecore services locally, but may not support future capabilities due to Azure services that are not available locally.

Applies to:

Managed Cloud 1+, CMS 10+

June 26, 2017
September 16, 2020


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