How to use the Sitecore Managed Cloud Support Portal

  • This article provides detailed information about how to use the Sitecore Managed Cloud Support Portal.

    For information about the overall Sitecore Support Process, including how to access general support, scope definitions, and other useful references please review the How to use the Sitecore Support Portal article.

  • Support Cases are for inquiries about Sitecore technology or to ask a question of the Sitecore product support team. For example, a Support Case could be used to ask a specific question about module compatibility or investigate a software hotfix.

    Service Requests are how Sitecore Managed Cloud customers engage the Cloud Operations team at Sitecore. A Service Request is one of the specific items listed in the service catalog.

    On the Sitecore Managed Cloud Support Portal, every Service Request is linked to a company that the user is associated with when they make a request.

    Regarding access to cloud service requests, this means:

    • Only appointed Cloud Technical Contacts from the company have access to create new Service Requests from Sitecore Managed Cloud catalog.
    • The appointed contacts are specified in the Managed Cloud contract. Customers can request an amendment of the appointed technical contacts by contacting their regional Sitecore office.
    • All users from a specific company can access all requests associated with the company. When a user is associated with a new company, they lose access to old service requests.
    • Related tickets remain accessible only to the original company's users.
  • After you log in to the Sitecore Managed Cloud Support Portal and go to the View Service Requests section, you can see a list of the existing Service Requests for your company. This list includes requests that have been made by colleagues in your organization.

    The list typically contains the following summary of information:

    • Number: The Request ID of the issue.
    • State: The current status of the Request.
    • Item: The Service Request Name from the service catalog.
    • Created: The date and time when the Request was created.
  • To create a new Service Request for Managed Cloud, use the following guidance.

    1. From the homepage, click Create Service Request.

    2. Choose the desired Service Catalog request.
    3.     Fill out the fields with the relevant data, and then click Submit.
  • You can see open Service Requests using the View Service Requests option.

    To access details of a request in the request list, click on the row for the request:

    This displays the service request details:

    When editing a service request, you can only add new messages, because the request fields are locked.

    Important: Communication with the Sitecore Managed Cloud team happens through the Input field. Be sure to click Send after writing a comment for the current request.

    Note: if the comment needs enhanced formatting, please use the </> icon on the top of the field. This allows you to use rich text formatting for any comments (such as the bold italics below):

Applies to:

Sitecore Support Portal 1+

March 06, 2019
September 22, 2020