How to request Sitecore Cloud subscription termination

  • This article describes the process for initiating termination of Sitecore Cloud subscriptions. To trigger the termination process, do the following:

    1. Using the table that follows, find the Sitecore Cloud product that you want to submit a termination request for, and download the relevant termination form.
    2. Fill out the form.
    3. Send the completed form to one of the following address, based on your region:

    Terms of Service

    Customers are encouraged to review their contract for cancellation details. For example, Sitecore might have no obligation to retain customer data beyond a limited time period after the termination. This means Sitecore would remove all Sitecore Cloud resources after the defined period of time. Any migration assistance would be defined in the Service Catalogs (Managed Cloud service catalog, xDB Cloud service catalog).

    Further help

    For any questions regarding the termination process, contact your regional Sitecore representative. Information about your local Sitecore office is available at

  • Product Description Termination Form
    Managed Cloud Sitecore managed offering for hosting of the Sitecore XP/XM/xDB/XC solution in Azure PaaS cloud. Official Documentation. Download Form
    EXM Delivery Cloud Managed message transfer agent (MTA) option integrated into Sitecore Email Experience Manager providing high-performance dispatching and deliverability. Official Documentation. Download form
    xDB Cloud 1.0–2.0 Previous generation offering for hosting Sitecore xDB components such as MongoDB, Contacts index, Processing etc. in Sitecore XP 8.2 or earlier. Official Documentation. Download Form

Applies to:

App Center 1+

August 18, 2016
August 05, 2020


  • Managed Cloud