Commerce Connect 8.2 engagement plan cannot send email messages

  • Description

    The default engagement plans (such as Abandoned cart, and so on) in Commerce Connect cannot send email messages when contacts are moved to the corresponding states. The following error messages appear in the log file:

    ManagedPoolThread #10 15:59:57 WARN  Could not find type in ReflectionUtil.CreateObject: Sitecore.Automation.MarketingAutomation.AutomationActions.SendEmailMessageAction
    ManagedPoolThread #10 15:59:57 ERROR Workflow action not found: Sitecore.Automation.MarketingAutomation.AutomationActions.SendEmailMessageAction,Sitecore.Analytics.Automation. It must derive from Sitecore.Analytics.Automation.IAutomationAction.

    This is caused by a deprecated Sitecore XP type being referenced in default engagement plans.

  • To fix the issue:

    1. Open the /sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Engagement Plans/CommerceConnect/Storefront Abandoned Carts/Initial State/Has email/Send E-Mail Message item in the Content Editor.
    2. Change the Type string field value to the following:

Applies to:

Sitecore Commerce 8.2, 8.2.1

October 13, 2017
October 16, 2017

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