Sitecore Managed Cloud – supported technologies

  • Sitecore Managed Cloud service provides a high degree of flexibility by opening up an environment for further application customizations (Sitecore) and infrastructure topology customization. Partners and customers can extend and maintain an entire Sitecore solution under a single Azure subscription, even if extra components required by the specific solution are not included in the default topologies.

    Even though additional infrastructure entities might not be part of standard topologies, Sitecore aims to provide sufficient support coverage for the entire environment. Different Azure resources are supported (in accordance with Sitecore’s support obligations in the customer’s Managed Cloud subscription) according to one of the following models, described in the table that follows:

    • Full Support Sitecore provides full support coverage for these Azure resources so long as these Azure resources are configured according to Sitecore official documentation and best practices.
    • Limited Support – Sitecore provides limited support coverage for these Azure resources within the Sitecore solution implementation in Managed Cloud; this means that Sitecore assists with inquiries and issues triage and might escalate these as required by responsible parties, but cannot offer any commitment as to any resolution SLA or availability SLA.
    • Out of Scope – Sitecore has no verification of such Azure resources being compatible with Sitecore solution implementation, and so does not provide any support of such Azure resources in terms of the Managed Cloud solution (and therefore these are not shown in the following table). Any support of such Azure resources (for example, availability and integration) are handled by those parties responsible for the implementation.

    Please note that current article covers supportability of Azure resources that are used in solutions deployed in Sitecore Managed Cloud. Support coverage for other deployment types is covered by Sitecore Compatibility guide.

  • Aspect Full Support Limited Support Out of Scope

    Aggregated billing in scope of pre-paid monthly cap

    Ability to provision and host resources under the same Azure subscription

    Availability SLA applied

    - -

    Assistance with errors occurred on resources provisioning

    Sitecore & Microsoft specialists Sitecore & Microsoft specialists -

    Production Incidents – infrastructural support to resolve Sitecore application availability issue

    Sitecore & Microsoft specialists Microsoft specialists only -

    Continuous monitoring of related resources (see monitoring scope for details)

    Sitecore & Microsoft specialists - -

    Assistance with advanced configuration and architecture design

    Sitecore & Microsoft specialists - -
  • Any item not shown in the following table is automatically considered Out of Scope. The resources listed in the table are supported only within the Azure Data Centers reflected in the Compatibility Table. The same resources in other data centers are considered Out of Scope.
    Azure Infrastructure Entity Full Support Limited Support
    Azure App Service

    Azure SQL

    Azure Search

    Azure Redis Cache

    Azure Storage

    Azure Traffic Manager

    Azure Virtual Network

    Azure Virtual Machines

    Azure Managed Disks

    Azure API Management

    Azure Application Gateway

    Azure Web Application Firewall

    Azure App Service Environment + Virtual Network


    Azure CDN (Standard Microsoft Azure CDN Product)


    Azure Front Door


    Azure Log Analytics

    Azure Application Insights

    3rd Party managed software bundled with Managed Cloud

    MongoDB via mLab

    MongoDB via Azure VM Stand-alone

    SOLR via SearchStax


    SOLR via Azure VM Stand-alone

    Azure Integrations

    Azure Web Apps w/ Github

    Azure Web Apps w/ VSTS

    Azure Web Apps w/ Azure DNS

    Azure Web Apps w/ Azure SSL certificates

Applies to:

Managed Cloud 1+

April 12, 2019
September 23, 2020


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