Known issues for WFFM 8.1

    • If you type certain characters that cause a security risk in a field on a form, an exception can appear on the page. To avoid this, you should choose the Security Risk validation on the field in the Form Designer. (71164)
    • You cannot insert two MVC forms on a page because they cannot be rendered. (67377) Fixed in WFFM 8.1 Update-1
    • There are some UI inconsistencies in the Form Designer. (72735, 25119, 24969) Fixed in WFFM 8.1 Update-1
    • The Send Email Campaign Message save action cannot be configured. (76041)
    • In a distributed environment, there are issues with the File Upload and Captcha fields. (73457, 73490)
    • There are several issues with translations for Danish, German, and Japanese languages. (41578, 25197, 67076)
    • The Send Email Message save action does not work if it is configured on a form on an external website (FXM integration). (76281)

Applies to:

WFFM 8.1+, CMS 8.1+

October 26, 2015
December 24, 2015


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