Site resolving fails for siblings of the Home item in the Experience Editor

  • At multi-site systems, context site cannot be resolved properly in cases where items are siblings of the Home item. This means that when an item is opened in the Experience Editor, the application fails to resolve the context site and falls back to the default website. The application is able to resolve the site only if items are under the site's start item in the content tree.

    • To fix the issue for Sitecore XP 8.1 rev 160302 (Update-2)Sitecore XP 8.1 rev 160519 (Update-3)Sitecore XP 8.2 rev 161221 (Update-2), download and apply the appropriate patch available on the following page:
      Follow the instructions listed in the readme file.
    • For the versions starting from Sitecore XP 9.1 rev 001564 (Initial Release), consider moving the sibling items under related start items in the content tree as a workaround. If this workaround is not applicable, contact Sitecore Support for a solution.

Applies to:

CMS 8.1 Update-2, 8.1 Update-3, 8.2 Update-2, 9.1 Initial Release+

September 19, 2019
December 26, 2019

Reference number: