How to collect basic information about your Sitecore installation

  • Description

    To give your support ticket a head start, we recommend that you always provide the Sitecore Support team with basic information about your Sitecore site along with the other details of your request. You can generate this information automatically or manually.

  • Option 2 (Manual)

    1. Create a new folder for storing the files.
    2. Navigate to the website root folder of your Sitecore website and copy the following files to the folder that you just created:
      • \web.config file.
      • All contents of the \App_Config folder.
      • \Global.asax and \Global.asax.cs files.
      • \sitecore\shell\sitecore.version.xml file.
      • All contents of the \sitecore\shell\hotfixes folder (if it exists).
      • All contents of the \sitecore\shell\patches folder (if it exists).
    3. Navigate to the Data folder of your Sitecore website. It is usually located either one level above the website root folder or inside the website root folder.
    4. In the Data folder, copy the following files:
      • Log files from the \Data\logs folder. You must include every type of log file and preserve the original file names. If the overall size of the log files is large, you can limit the files to the ones created within the last 48-72 hours or to the log files that cover the time interval when you experienced an issue with your Sitecore installation.
      • Sitecore counter files from the \Data\diagnostics folder.
    5. When you have collected all the required information, make a ZIP archive out of the folder.
      For example:
      Right-click the folder, click Send to and then click Compressed (zipped) folder.
    6. Attach the resulting archive to the support ticket, or upload it to the Sitecore Support Box Storage.

Applies to:

Sitecore Support Portal 1+, CMS 6+

March 11, 2014
February 25, 2019


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