Sitecore Cloud services lifecycle

  • Description

    Sitecore strives to provide timely updates to our Cloud services to support market demands, technology innovations, and product evolution. Many of the changes are delivered in a seamless way by deploying small updates. This results in the minimum disturbance for existing customers. The Sitecore Cloud notification manifest provides you with information about these regular changes.

    Some changes require a significant architectural reworking of the Sitecore Cloud services environment. As a result, existing services can be deprecated or replaced by newer offerings. To help customers better manage particular cloud service deprecation and the impact on the relevant Sitecore environment, the Sitecore Cloud Services Lifecycle policy is explained in the following section.

    For any Sitecore Cloud service listed in the generally available category, the end-of-life date aligns with the Mainstream Support End Date of most recent compatible Sitecore products indicated in the Sitecore Product Support Lifecycle and Modules Compatibility Table.

    Sitecore also offers a minimum of one (1) year deprecation notice before the Cloud service becomes categorized as no longer available. At that time, the Cloud service will retire, will not be available for use, and will be offline.

  • Lifecycle Phases for specific services

    The following table provides an overview of all of the Sitecore Cloud services, together with the relevant lifecycle stage and respective end-of-life notes:

    Generally available

    Cloud service Current status
    Sitecore Managed Cloud Active
    Sitecore Email Cloud Active
    IP Geolocation Active
    Device Detection for Sitecore XP 9.x Active

    Deprecated (scheduled for termination)

    Cloud service Current status End of mainstream support Successor
    xDB Cloud 1.0 Beta
    SLA does not apply
    31-Dec-2017 (7.5)
    31-Dec-2019 (8.0—8.1)
    Managed Cloud
    How to migrate
    xDB Cloud 2.0 Preview
    SLA applied
    31-Dec-2019 (8.0—8.2) [1] Managed Cloud
    How to migrate

    No longer available

    Cloud service End-of-life Successor
    Page Preview 07-Sep-2017 N/A
    Email Delivery for EXM 1.0—3.3 (Dyn) 01-Nov-2017 Email Cloud
    How to migrate
    Google Analytics App 31-Dec-2017 N/A
    Google AdSense App 31-Dec-2017 N/A
    Email Preview 28-Feb-2018 N/A
    Spam Check 28-Feb-2018 N/A
    Device Detection for Sitecore XP 8.x 30-Mar-2018 Device Detection
    for 9.x
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    • [1] Sitecore XP 8.2 will be deprecated on xDB Cloud 2.0 earlier than the indicated Mainstream Support End Date. The migration procedure assumes that there will only be a service change (by Sitecore on customer request) and that there will be no upgrade to the Sitecore platform.

Applies to:

App Center 1+, Managed Cloud 1+, EXM 1.0+

June 14, 2017
May 24, 2019


  • App Center,
  • ECM,
  • Managed Cloud