Known issues for the Publishing Service module

  • This article contains the list of known issues for the Sitecore Publishing Service module.

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    • [Fixed in Publishing Service 4.0.0] There is no support for either on-premise SQL Server AlwaysOn or Mirroring failovers (20769).
    • [Fixed in Publishing Service 2.0 Update-1] There are mistakes in the Danish translation (23926).
    • [Fixed] Content Availability – If there is more than one published version of an item, the item is not indexed after publication and cannot be found by searching in the Sitecore client. However, you can search for the item successfully with the ContentSearch API (23621, 275734).
    • Content Availability – The Publishing Service publishes variants whose valid to restriction occurs in the past (23512, 259226).
    • Content Availability – The Content Delivery server does not clear the HTML cache when a new version becomes available (23937, 271744).
    • [Fixed in Publishing Service 3.0] Subitems are not published after you perform a bucketing/reverting operation (28773).
    • The DefaultFixedIntervalRetry retryer does not work. Use the DefaultExponetialRetry retryer in DbConnectionBehaviours instead (292832).
    • When you view the job history of a specific item, the number of affected items that is displayed might be incorrect. To see the correct number of affected items, view the job directly (276339).
    • [Fixed] The information displayed in the Publishing Service dashboard about a recent publishing job might be displayed incorrectly if the publishing job was triggered as a site publish (345381, 345718, 339631).
    • [Fixed] The languages displayed in the Publish dialog are not listed in alphabetical order (345365, 345717, 339915).
    • If content availability is enabled, item buckets can only be published if they are in the current context language (331671[Fixed in SPS4.1], 333864).
    • If you publish a single item, media item clones are not fully published (340875).
    • [Fixed] When you modify and publish a shared field, only the current language is re-indexed (327109, 36156, 340939, 345720). As a workaround, in the \website\App_Config\Modules\PublishingService\Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config file, in the <events> section, un-comment the "item:saved" event. Note: this might result in a performance trade-off.
    • The dates listed in the details view of a publishing job are in a different format than the dates displayed on the dashboard.

Applies to:

Publishing Service 2.0+

January 31, 2017
January 21, 2020


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