Sitecore Support Portal migration

  • Sitecore has released a new version of the Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal at

    The new version of the Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portalis designed to improve user experience, add new self-service capabilities, and functions as a single technical support channel for Sitecore Experience Platform, Experience Commerce, and Content Hub. Additionally, the new portal unlocks roadmap for further improvements to Sitecore's Support, Cloud, and SaaS processes which will be continuously rolled out in the coming future.

    The new portal is now actively monitored by Sitecore Support team and is fully covered under Sitecore's SLA.

    Former support portal at is no longer active. All requests to old portal will be redirected to the new site, and all ongoing and new support investigations have to be processed using the new portal.

    For detailed information how to use the new Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal, please visit this article: KB263106.

    In case of technical difficulties with using the portal, please send feedback using email or reach out to your Sitecore Account Representative.

  • This section lists popular questions related to the migration to the new portal.

    Q: I was able to log in to the old portal before but cannot log in to the new portal.
    A: Please clear your browser cookies, restart the browser, and try again. Try to log in from a different web browser. If this does not help, please send email to for assistance.

    Q: I never used the support portal before and cannot log in to the new portal.
    A: Please review prerequisites for accessing Sitecore support in KB463549. If this does not help, please reach out to your Sitecore Account Representative.

    Q: I cannot find my old support case on the new portal.
    A: All historical support information has been migrated to the new portal and remains accessible to relevant ticket owners. If you lost access to your previous support cases, please send email to for assistance. Make sure to provide relevant case IDs.

    Q: I cannot open new support cases because Account field does not show the name of the customer I am working with.
    A: Unless you are opening a case on behalf of own account that has a valid Sitecore license linked to it, you must register the associated Sitecore License.xml File within the new support portal before corresponding account name would show up in the Account field of the case creation form. This is different from the old portal logic where only Sitecore License ID number had to be provided, which is designed to improve security of the system as well as its usability after the license is properly registered. Go to Home Page => Create Service Requests => Catalogs => Account Management => Register customer license. For more details read here: KB073804.

    Q: My license.xml file does not get accepted in the Register customer license form when I upload it.
    A: Support Portal automatically checks if the license.xml file you are uploading has not been edited and that it has a valid support contract associated with it. If you believe that the related account has a valid support contract but it is still not being accepted, please send email to for assistance.

    Q: I do not have access to the license.xml file but need a specific account to be added to the list of the companies I work with.
    A: Please open a support case or send email to for assistance.

    Q: I am an Implementation Partner and want to open a support case on behalf of the customer I am representing. Which account should I select in the Account field of the support case creation form?
    A: Always use the license / account of the customer you are representing. Avoid using your own partner license / account name, unless the question is related to internal research not linked to any customer project. Also be aware that for the benefits of better vendor/partner/customer collaboration, support cases you create on behalf of other accounts are always visible to users of those accounts who have support access. Additionally, all cases you create are always visible to your colleagues (users who have support access and are associated with the same company as you are).

Applies to:

Sitecore Support Portal 1+

October 25, 2019
January 06, 2021