Sitecore IP Geolocation Service accuracy

  • Sitecore IP Geolocation Service uses MaxMind GeoIP2 Databases (Country, City, ISP) as a source of the GeoIP lookup data. The Sitecore IP Geolocation Service also keeps the MaxMind databases up-to-date to ensure accuracy in results.

    However, by using the MaxMind GeoIP2 databases the following limitations apply:

    1. Inaccuracy in organizations resolving. The organization name is available for about 40% of corporate, government, and educational networks. In situations where the business entity cannot be identified, the ISP name is returned. For more details, please see the Product Summary chapter of the MaxMind GeoIP2 ISP Database documentation.
    2. Inaccuracy in country, state, and city resolving. Sitecore IP Geolocation service might provide limited precision on a country, state, and city level. For example, a city might change from one month to the next, or might even show as blank after having been previously populated. You can determine the coverage level for specific countries here.
  • If the precision of the Sitecore IP Geolocation Service is not acceptable due to business reasons, a custom provider can be implemented to connect Sitecore with any other system for resolving Geo IP data.

    To implement a custom lookup provider:

    1. Choose the source of the GeoIP data. You can use any third-party service that provides GeoIP data.
    2. Create your custom provider class that is derived from the Sitecore.Analytics.Lookups.LookupProviderBase abstract class.
    3. Disable standard GeoIP functionality in Sitecore by adding ".example" to the end of the following file names:
      • \App_Config\Include\CES\Sitecore.CES.GeoIp.config
      • \App_Config\Include\CES\Sitecore.CES.GeoIp.LegacyLocation.config
    4. In the \App_Config\Include\Sitecore.Analytics.config file, configure the lookup provider to use your custom class:
      <lookupManager defaultProvider="default">
      <add name="default" type="YourClass, YourAssembly"/>

Applies to:

App Center 1+

August 08, 2016
October 20, 2020

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