Known issues for Sitecore Express Migration Tool

  • The following sections describe the known issues with the Sitecore® Express Migration Tool (EMT).

    For information about the availability of fixes for the mentioned known issues, please refer to the Release Notes for future Sitecore Express Migration Tool releases.

    Note: This is not a complete description of known issues related to EMT. For additional information, please refer to The Express Migration Tool Guide here:

    Sitecore Express Migration Tool 2.0 Initial Release.

    Sitecore Express Migration Tool 3.0 Initial Release.

    • The Express Migration Tool cannot find a media folder on the source instance if you configured it using an absolute local path and if you run the tool from another server. (118128)
    • Configuration nodes that do not have a unique ancestor patch incorrectly. (107585)
    • The Express Migration Tool ignores the <assemblyBinding> node in the web.config file. (138873)
    • You cannot generating diff files for configuration files that contain non-default namespaces. (106008)
    • The Express Migration Tool generates the sitecore.section.patch.config.disabled  setting in an incorrect location. (138875)
    • If a Sitecore administrator deleted a specific security role on the source instance before migration, the role is not deleted on the target instance after migration has completed. This is not a bug – this is done in order to protect the target’s system code from breaking changes.
    • The tool skips security and configuration steps if at least one migration was completed for the same source version. (137519)
    • The Express Migration Tool does not detect the dictionary items in Web Forms for Marketers if you migrate from Web Forms for Marketers 2.4 rev. 150619 or Web Forms for Marketers 2.4 rev. 151103. (137846)
    • After you install a module on the comparison instance, the Express Migration Tool may incorrectly identify the unchanged module items as Modified, Added, or Deleted. (138877)

Applies to:

Express Migration Tool 2.0 Initial Release+

December 15, 2016
November 06, 2017


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