Troubleshooting the MaxMind provider

  • When using the Geo IP Lookups functionality in Sitecore, the following steps are used within the system to resolve IP information for an individual visitor: 

    • Lookup of IP information in the memory cache;
    • Lookup of IP information in the Analytics database;
    • Request to the geolocation service such as MaxMind. 

    When an error happens during a request to the MaxMind service, the following entry appears in the Sitecore log file:

    Error: Failed to perform MaxMind lookup

    More information about Geo IO Lookups is available in the Engagement Analytics Configuration Reference.

  • To troubleshoot the MaxMind lookup error, the following list of steps is recommended:
    1. Check the internet connection on the server. Ensure that firewall allows connections to MaxMind service (
    2. Ensure that MaxMind configuration in Sitecore.Analytics.config is correct. Specifically, verify that MaxMind.SecurityToken setting has the correct value configured that matches your MaxMind account details:
      <setting name="MaxMind.SecurityToken" value="00000000" />
      More information about configuration of related setting is available on these resources:
    3. Test the GeoIP Lookup functionality using the direct browser HTTP request to MaxMind from the web server hosting Sitecore installation using the following URL:
      • XXXXXXXXXXXXXX - Sitecore license ID
      • YYYYYYYY - value of the MaxMind.SecurityToken setting
      • - value of MaxMind.URL setting.
      Expected response:
      US,CA,Mountain View,94035,37.3860,-122.0838,807,650,"Google","Google",
    4. If the problem persists, install the patch that collects the detailed logs about the error: The post-patch log information may be useful for understanding the reason of the lookup errors, as well as for contacting Sitecore Support to assist with troubleshooting.

Applies to:

CMS 6.0 - 7.5

January 17, 2015
December 24, 2019

Reference number:

366363, 92621


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