Azure data center compatibility table

  • Description

    Since 8.2 Update-1, Sitecore XP supports ARM-based deployments into Azure and a whole new set of Azure PaaS services. The following table summarizes all the Azure data centers and describes whether they have the default PaaS services required by Sitecore XP when running in Azure.

    If a data center you want to deploy into does not have all of the PaaS services required by a default Sitecore XP deployment, you can in most cases swap out a service for an IaaS equivalent. More details on this are described in the following section.

    Services Available in all regions

    Web Apps, Azure SQL, Redis Cache, App Gateway, Virtual Network, VNET Gateway, KeyVault, Azure CDN

    Services with Limited Availability

    Area Region Azure Search Application Insights MongoDB (mLab)[1] Log Analytics
    United States East US
    United States East US 2 - - -
    United States Central US - - -
    United States North Central US - -
    United States South Central US -
    United States West Central US - -
    United States West US -
    United States West US 2 - -
    Azure Government US Gov Virginia - - - -
    Azure Government US Gov Iowa - - - -
    Azure Government
    US Gov Arizona - - - -
    Azure Government
    US Gov Texas - - - -
    Azure Government US DOD East - - - -
    Azure Government US DOD Central - - - -
    Canada Canada East - - -
    Canada Canada Central
    Brazil Brazil South - -
    Europe North Europe (Ireland) -
    Europe West Europe (Netherlands)
    Germany Germany Central - - - -
    Germany Germany NorthEast - - - -
    United Kingdom UK West - - - -
    United Kingdom UK South -
    France France Central - - - -
    France France South - - - -
    Asia Pacific Southeast Asia (Singapore)
    Asia Pacific East Asia (Hong Kong) - -
    Australia Australia East -
    Australia Australia Southeast - -
    Australia Central -
    Australia Central 2
    - -
    India Central India
    India West India - - - -
    India South India - - - -
    Japan Japan East
    Japan Japan West - -
    Korea Korea Central - - -
    Korea Korea South - - - -

    Legend: "-" – not available; "✓" – available.

  • Alternates for The Default PaaS services

    Not all of PaaS services are available in all regions, but you can swap out any of the default PaaS services for an IaaS or equivalent service.

    • Web Apps:
      • Azure Virtual Machines
    • Azure Search:
      • Solr/SolrCloud in an Azure Virtual Machine
      • Coveo for Sitecore
    • Application Insights:
      • Do not rule out the use of Application Insights just because it is not listed in your desired data center. The region you choose for Application Insights is the end storage location for your Sitecore telemetry. Choosing a region for Application Insights that is different from the rest of your deployment will not cause performance issues or result in additional data transfer costs.
      • For logging, an alternate approach is to use log4Net options, such as database or Azure Table/Blob storage. 
      • Alternatively, please log on to Log Analytics.
    • MongoDB:
      • If you are using Sitecore Web Experience Manager (XM), then a MongoDB connection is not required.
      • If you are using the full Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), you must provide a MongoDB instance for Sitecore to connect to. To get the best performance, the MongoDB instance must be running in Azure. You have the following options:
        • Use a third-party service that hosts MongoDB in Azure (this might not be available in all Azure regions).
        • Host MongoDB in an Azure Virtual Machine (available in all Azure regions).
    • Full details on all Azure Regions and their services can be found at
    • [1] mLab is a third-party service that offers MongoDB PaaS offerings. More details can be found at

Applies to:

CMS 8.2 Update-1+

February 21, 2017
April 23, 2019


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