Known issues for Sitecore XP 8.2

  • This article describes the known issues with Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 8.2.

    For all Sitecore Experience Platform documentation, please visit the Sitecore Documentation Site.

    For information about the availability of the fixes for the mentioned known issues, please refer to the Release Notes of future Sitecore Experience Platform releases.

    Note: This is not a complete list of known issues related to Sitecore XP 8.2. For additional known issues, please refer to:

    • ​The Created date property is wrong for items that are installed by the generated Sitecore package. (114703)
    • The Date property of an item is not taken from the version date when the item was installed from a Sitecore package that does not include the Item created field. (114712)
    • ​On the Sitecore Launchpad, the date on the X-axis of the chart is displayed in DA-DK, DE-DE, and JA-JP​. (116396)
    • The Dashboard title, Experience Analytics, is not translated​. (114006)
    • ​Campaigns and goals display as unknown in reports for languages other than English​. (107301)
    • Country names are not translated​. (113998)
    • ​In D3 SPEAK charts, the color is inconsistent in the Area chart plotting​. (118410)
    • ​In D3 SPEAK charts, there are missing dates in the Device Models graph​. (118372)
    • The Unavailable label for device models​ is not translated​. (114007)
    • The conversion and bounce rates have incorrect labels.​​ (114001)
    • ​Bar charts in the Behavior > Pages report sometimes drill down to the wrong page​. (108259)
    • ​The Re-aggregation task never completes if there are failed interactions​. (99966)
    • Aggregation logs an exception if a collected segment dimension is over 450 characters in length. (118441)
    • When using the drill-down feature on a report, the drill-down only considers the selected element. It should consider the combination of the selected element and the segment used in the drill-down. (104431)
    • The Top outcomes by visit chart is displayed under the the Conversion > Overview heading instead of Behavior > Overview​.​ (115209)
    • A server error occurs when a chart reloads after a browser session ends. (113679)
    • When you create a multidevice test in a scaled environment, there is an incorrect number of testable experiences. (118391)
    • The ​Key Background does not exist in this pattern space error occurs if you open an interaction with an associated pattern card​. (107039)
    • When an Admin user is logged in, the My Lists page does not display the lists that the user has created. (43365)
    • The Upload file button in the Import contacts wizard does not react when clicked in IE11.  (86868)
    • In the Import wizard, you can click on the tab header and skip to the next step without mapping import fields. (114120)
    • The Sitecore packages for Azure App Service (WDP Packages) do not include the step to enable the Sitecore.ListManagement.DisableListLocking.config.disabled setting in CM instances. (141156)
    • In Azure PAAS, when using Azure Search, there is an issue with unsubscribing a contact from a list. This only applies to Azure Search and does not occur when using List Manager with Lucene or SOLR as the Search Provider. We are working on a hotfix that will be released separately. (154264)
    • In Cloud installations, if you import large contact lists (over 1 million contacts), we recommend that you divide the lists into smaller files, due to potential Azure search limitations.
    • [Fixed in Sitecore 8.2 Update-1] The default Admin icon has not changed after the upgrade to 8.2 . (118164)
    • The Sitecore.Interning.Config file is not included in the 8.2 build. (118381)
    • After renaming an item, the new name is not published. (160787)
    • ​The default MVC Layout file does not contain the xml scheme information​. (105581)
    • Ambiguous controller names are not handled by Area support in Controller Renderings. (117725)
    • The FrameworkDisplayName attribute is empty for Sitecore.MVC​. (110230)
    • The Experience Map does not show the names of certain channels in a scaled setup​. (117199)
    • ​Log files contain warning messages related to Path Analyzer initialization on the CD role. (117453)
    • The application does not return missing days if empty map data is returned. (115464)
    • ​Outcome names do not resolve when the PathAnalyzer.Response.NodeNameResolvingMode setting is equal to 0.
    • ​There are minor cosmetic UI issues when using the application in the German and Japanese languages. (115124)
    • The root node of a Reverse goal map is renamed to Internet when the Group map data setting is enabled. (118082)
    • The ​Trends indicator shows "= 0%" on the dashboard for today's map if data exists only for the current day. (117139)
    • The Help page is blank when an anonymous user opens it. (116121)
    • Changed item names do not display on any maps until the application has been restarted. (115384)
    • In Microsoft Edge, when you open a favorite map in the Map Selector, the All maps folder is collapsed. (113790)
    • In Microsoft Edge, when you use the Path filter, the cursor in the Filter by node name text field is placed incorrectly. (113947)
    • Global and site-specific maps display the same map name. (106057)
    • Some partial data from the current day might not be available for selection, depending on the time of day, the time zone of the processing reporting servers, and the client that you use. (115875)
    • In Microsoft Edge, toggle button tooltips sometimes overlap with the button's title. (113784)
    • The Average time spent metric does not take into account skipped pages if de-duplication is active and these might not be calculated properly. (114366)
    • In Firefox, a selected Internet node becomes invisible after switching the view. (102172)
    • Some dictionary items are deleted after upgrading from 8.1. (119447)
    • Depending on the time zone of the server and browser, missing dates do not always resolve correctly. (115404)
    • The Help content does not display correctly for non-English versions. (122307)
    • You cannot deploy a path analyzer map in a map group if there are multiple maps in that folder. (214388)
    • Oracle databases are not supported.
    • The Publishing Service does not use the publishing pipelines in Sitecore. You cannot use them to customize the service.
    • The Publishing Service does not raise all the same events as standard publishing.
    • The Publishing Service does not respect item-level access rights.
    • The Publishing Service does not maintain the descendant table by default.
    • When accessing a CM instance remotely, the Publish dialog can show a No data to display message when publishing a single item. (19910)
    • SQL Azure, SQL Always On, and SQL Database Mirroring failovers are not currently supported.
      When a failover occurs in SQL Azure, SQL Always On, or a SQL Database Mirroring environment, any existing connections are terminated, and the environment is unavailable for a short period of time, until a secondary server is promoted as the primary.
      If a Publish job is currently running, it will fail, and other application errors will occur. The Publishing Service will stop and restart until the SQL environment has recovered with a functioning primary server.
      The system will accept failovers on these SQL environments in a future release. 
    • There are looped roles assignments in the Sitecore Client Bucket Management. Members and Member of contain the same roles. (118369)
    • You cannot patch api\services\configuration\filters\filter nodes in Sitecore.Services.Client.config. (117068)
    • The Error 500 error is shown during an item search by an anonymous user. (105994)
    • The The length of the symmetric key specified is too short (0 bytes) error is shown when a token is disabled. (114266)
    • The Validation errors message does not contain the ID of the entity. (105681)
    • The AuthorizedUsersOnlyPolicy policy clashes with the global policy. (75409)
    • The Wrong HTTPs status code is returned in response to a POST request with incorrect credentials. It returns the 403 code instead of 401. (107940)
    • An empty ExcludeAssemblies element disables the IAssemblyResolver. (111604)
    • The database names are hard coded in some places. (110474)
    • The default implementation on Dependency Injection multiple constructors is not supported. (75408)
    • There are three commands that allow you to delete templates in the Analysis step. (116674)
    • Some types from the Sitecore.Social.Client assembly cannot be loaded. (118183)
    • There are some UI elements in the Form Designer that are not localized. (116467)

Applies to:

CMS 8.2

August 29, 2016
December 06, 2018


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  • DMS,
  • Experience Editor,
  • MVC,
  • Path Analyzer,
  • Publishing,
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