Issues with inheriting presentation details from base templates

  • If template B is inherited by template A, and template B has some value assigned to the Presentation Details of its Standard Values item, the following unclear behavior of resolving item's presentation may occur.

    • Presentation details in Standard Values of the template A may appear empty, while be inherited correctly for all items created from this template.
    • In case of changing template A's presentation details that appear to be empty, corresponding values inherited from the base template B might be lost when creating items from this template.
  • To ensure presentation details are properly inherited at all times, apply the following patch:

    1. Download and unpack the archive.
    2. Copy the LayoutDetails.xml file to \sitecore\shell\Override folder of your website.
    3. Copy the Sitecore.Support.442036.dll file to \bin folder of your website.
    4. In the core database, edit the fields of the /sitecore/system/Field types/System Types/Layout item as follows: 
      • Assembly: Sitecore.Support.442036
      • Class: Sitecore.Support.Shell.Applications.ContentEditor.LayoutField
    5. Clear the Control field.

Applies to:

CMS 8.0+

CMS 8.0 Update-6+, 8.1 Update-1+, 8.2+

September 11, 2015
April 26, 2017

Reference number:

442036, 450656


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