Known issues for Sitecore XP 10.0

  • This article describes the known issues with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 10.0 Initial Release.
    For all Sitecore Experience Platform documentation, visit the Sitecore Documentation Site.
    For information about the availability of the fixes for the mentioned known issues, refer to the Release Notes of the future Sitecore Experience Platform releases.
    • In Kubernetes deployments, rebuilding the reporting data is not supported out of the box and you must perform some manual steps (416733).
    • In Kubernetes deployments with the default configuration, terminating or deleting a pod erases the Submit Queue folder located on that pod and all the data stored there will be lost (406929).
    • Video subtitles, .svg files, and .xslt files do not load in the Experience Editor when they are used with an rendering host (419220).
    • When you create a new folder, its default name is “New item” (424515).
    • When you create a new item, it is not assigned a workflow state (418618).
    • Collects performance metrics for HTML documents” is highlighted instead of "Navigation Timing" (414824).
    • The Undo-Redo functionality does not work correctly for typing and pasting (414808).
    • In HTML, if you enter a space after an HTML tag, the next character is removed along with the space (414774).
    • When you close the Rich Text Editor, the Discard changes dialog box appears when you have not made any changes (414520).
    • When you rename an item, the old name still appears in the header and in the Details panel (412987).
    • If the Rich Text Editor contains a lot of text, performance is degraded (413417).
    • If an item contains an Image field and a Rich Text field, the Media library opens behind the Rich Text window (426066).
    • When you upload a file, it is not listed in the Media library (426483).
    • The Undo - Redo functionality does not work correctly with Image fields that have standard values (426492).
    • If more than one “RegularExpressionValidation” is defined for a field, an “InvalidOperationException” occurs. (409302).
    • If you use the “GET” request, the “An item with the same key has already been added” error occurs (400109).
    • If you make a change to a form, the Revision field value for every field in the form item is changed (404956).
    • When you submit a Sitecore form, it does not resolve sites that contain virtual folders. (407458).
    • The Form Designer does not sort forms correctly by name (409298).
    • If you export form data as a .csv file, it contains incorrect delimiters (357495).
    • Drop-down lists contain values even when there is no version of the value in the current language (375194).
    • If you submit a form that contains non-required “File Upload” field that is empty, an exception occurs (389332).
    • You cannot add two actions of the same type to a form (398965).
    • If you revoke consent when explicitConsentForTrackingIsRequired="true", no data is saved (413788).
    • If you try to save a form with elements that contain duplicate names when AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel = false, the error message that is displayed is not informative (378115).
    • Sitecore Headless Rendering 15.0.0 and Sitecore JavaScript Services 15.0.0:
      • Previously known issues have been resolved
    • Sitecore Headless Rendering 14.0.0 and Sitecore JavaScript Services 14.0.0
      • Under certain conditions, the Experience Editor previews the wrong personalization variant (423263).
      • When an app configuration is missing, an error is displayed in Content Delivery. This is the recommended configuration for ASP.NET Core (426546).
      • In the Experience Editor, if you use personalization to hide renderings, an error 500 is thrown (426902).
    • The Sitecore CLI does not correctly handle de-selecting permissions during interactive login (412865).
    • An ArgumentException occurs when two or more Sitecore CLI instances watch a configuration on the same developer host (418912).
    • A Sitecore CLI "login" does not re-populate the properties in user.json that have been removed by manual edits (420931).
    • If you use a closing slash in a serialization item include path, it causes a source item path X did not exist error (422478).
    • If you switch from client credentials to an interactive login, the Sitecore CLI "login" does not reset the Client ID on an environment (422493).
    • If you try to push an item with an invalid GUID format, Sitecore CLI throws an InvalidOperationException (423257).
    • If you try to push an item with a non-integer item version value, Sitecore CLI throws a FormatException (423259).
    • If certain required values are missing from an item file, Sitecore CLI throws InvalidOperationException (423272).
    • If you try to watch databases without enabling the History Engine (for example web), Sitecore CLI does show a warning (424571).
    • If you use "ser explain" for items in databases other than "Master", Sitecore CLI throws an incorrect path is not included error (424643).
    • Non-admin users can pull (but not push) any serialized items that they can access with the Sitecore CLI (424652).
    • Serialization of SPEAK applications from the Sitecore CLI requires an explicit configuration to include templates first (425224).
    • The Sitecore CLI does not currently validate the "--cm" parameter as a valid CM instance on login (420349).
    • The Sitecore CLI has an unsupported "allow-file-changes" option on "serialization watch" that will be removed in a future release (425144).
    • The Device detection DB is not updated on the Sitecore Processing role container.
    • The main Sitecore log file is only exposed for Sitecore role containers. The LogMonitor can be configured to monitor all the Sitecore log files.
    • In Kubernetes deployments, screenshots are not generated in the content testing dialogs. To solve this issue, add instructions to the container lifecycle PostStart hook which then adds a record to the hosts file when you start the pod.
    • Translation files cannot be uploaded to the website root in containers. We suggest that you save translation files to the "upload" folder.
    • Dedicated dispatch servers (DDS) are not supported in Kubernetes or in compose files.

Applies to:

CMS 10.0 Initial Release

August 04, 2020
November 03, 2020