Microsoft Azure Services compatibility table

  • This table presents the compatibility of Microsoft Azure Services with different versions of Sitecore XM and XP:
    Microsoft Azure Services Sitecore Azure module [1] Sitecore Azure Toolkit [2] [8] [9]
    6.3—7.2 7.5—8.1 8.2.1—10.0.0
    App Service (Web Apps) - -
    Azure SQL [7]
    Azure Search - -
    Redis Cache [3] [4] [3] [4] [4]
    Application Insights - -
    Azure Resource Manager (ARM) - -
    Cloud Services
    Blob Storage [5] [5] [12]
    Table Storage [6] [6] -
    Traffic Manager
    Azure Active Directory with Domain Services - -
    Cosmos DB: API for MongoDB
    (formerly known as DocumentDB)
    - - -
    Web Application Firewall (WAF) - - [10]
    Managed Identities - - -
    Azure Front Door - - [11]

    "-" – not supported; "✓" – supported.
    • [1] Exclusively when deploying a Sitecore XP solution to Microsoft Azure using the Sitecore Azure module.
    • [2] When running Sitecore XP 8.2 Update-1 (rev. 161115) and later versions using Sitecore Azure Toolkit.
    • [3] Only with the latest version of Sitecore Azure module.
    • [4] For Private and Shared session state providers.
    • [5] For storing Sitecore XP deployment packages.
    • [6] For storing Sitecore XP logs and diagnostics.
    • [7] See the following article for more details: Azure SQL Database Support.
    • [8] Specific services availability varies depending on the region used. Refer to the following article for more details: Azure Data Center Compatibility Table.
    • [9] For detailed information about supported services, refer to the Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard – policies article.
    • [10] For Sitecore XP 9.1 and above. WAF and Application Gateway are compatible with Content Delivery (CD) servers, they are not compatible with Content Management (CM) servers.
    • [11] Use of this technology within a Sitecore solution is permitted, but the Sitecore Support team can only assist with Sitecore product issues that are not unique to the use of the technology, that is, a Sitecore product issue that can be replicated without the technology present. In some cases, the Sitecore Support team may ask for replication of the issue without the use of the technology, although they will try to avoid this.
      While Sitecore allows the use of this technology with Sitecore products, Sitecore cannot at this time provide guidance on how to develop or host production environments with this technology. Sitecore recommends that you consult with your partner or a specialized third party on subjects related to developing, designing, configuring, hosting, securing, or scaling this technology with Sitecore products.
    • [12] Optional Azure Blob Storage module can be used with Sitecore XP 9.3 and later versions.

Applies to:

Azure Module 1+, CMS 6+

December 12, 2016
November 23, 2020


  • Active Directory,
  • Azure Module,
  • CMS,
  • DMS,
  • xDB