Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard – compatibility tables

  • This article provides you with information about the Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard compatibility in the following sections:

    For more information about Sitecore Managed Cloud compatibility, see the following articles:

  • Sitecore XP Compatibility

    The following table shows the currently supported Sitecore XP releases that are compatible with Sitecore Managed Cloud:

    Sitecore XP Supported versions Unsupported versions
    8.2 8.2 Update-1 — 8.2 Update-7 [1] 8.2 Initial Release
    9.0 9.0 Initial Release — 9.0 Update-2 N/A
    9.1 9.1 Initial Release — 9.1 Update-1 N/A
  • Compatible Tiers for Creating New Sets

    The following articles define the tiers and topologies currently supported for provisioning a new Sitecore Managed Cloud set:

  • Compatible MongoDB versions

    For xDB and XP tiers and for Sitecore XP 8.2 only, Sitecore Managed Cloud includes a MongoDB cluster provision. Sitecore 9.0 does not require a MongoDB cluster to be provisioned, regardless of the topology.

    The compatibility with different MongoDB releases is based on the Sitecore XP version used. For more information about Sitecore XP and MongoDB compatibility, refer to the MongoDB compatibility table article.

    This table shows the MongoDB software versions available within the Sitecore Managed Cloud service:

    (used for new sets)
    Supported versions Unsupported versions
    3.0 MMAPv1 3.0 MMAPv1, 3.2 MMAPv1,
    3.2 WiredTiger
    3.0 WiredTiger

    Note: This table highlights only the availability of major MongoDB releases. Specific minor releases can vary, but Sitecore always ensures full compatibility of any minor release with Sitecore XP.

  • Compatible SolrCloud versions

    The following table presents the compatibility of Sitecore Managed Cloud versions with different SolrCloud versions.

    Important: Sitecore Managed Cloud does not support the standard Solr version.

    Sitecore XP Supported SolrCloud versions
    8.2 N/A
    9.0 N/A
    9.1 SolrCloud 7.2.1

    The full Solr vs Sitecore compatibility table is available here.

Applies to:

CMS 8.2 Update-1+, Managed Cloud 1+

January 31, 2017
April 23, 2019


  • Azure,
  • Managed Cloud