How to use public reference numbers

  • Sitecore uses public reference numbers to refer to specific issues in Sitecore products. The reference numbers are designed to let Sitecore customers reference individual product issues when contacting Sitecore Support and discover other related information, such as known issues or availability of public fixes.

    Public reference numbers generally appear in the following locations:

    • Sitecore Support Communication
    • Release Notes
    • Known Issues
    • Patch and Hotfix identifiers

    If a reference number has been provided by Sitecore Support after identifying a product issue and the original incident has been closed, it is possible to check the status of the related issue by contacting Sitecore Support using the reference number in the question.

  • As an example of using a specific reference number, product issue 363386 is referenced in the following locations:

    • Sitecore KB article:
      Subject: Insert Media Link dialog for the General Link field may delete the wrong item
      Reference number: 363386
    • Sitecore Patch from KB article (or provided by Sitecore Support):
      Copy the Sitecore.Support.363386.dll assembly to the /bin folder of your web site.
    • Release notes for Sitecore 6.5 Update-5:
      The wrong item could be deleted when a user tried to delete an item while navigating the media library from the Insert Media dialog box. This happened because Sitecore deleted the currently selected item in the content tree, not the item the user right-clicked to show the context menu that contains the Delete option. (363386)

    This allows to identify the product version where the issue is fixed, discover a patch for the issue or other related details.

  • Note: From 25-May-2015, Sitecore Support started actively using public reference numbers when confirming product issues discovered while processing support tickets. This is a change to the old policy when Sitecore Support would explicitly notify customers when discovered issues are fixed in a public release.

    To discover more about Sitecore Support, please refer to this page:

Applies to:

Sitecore Support Portal 1+

April 14, 2015
June 10, 2015


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