Fields are indexed as text instead of appropriate type

  • The content of Sitecore fields should be pre-processed before indexing.

    Pre-processing is performed based on the type of the field. For example, tags are stripped from the content of Rich Text fields, Multilist field content is treated as an array of values, a Date field value is converted to UTC format.

    When a search index is configured to index a predefined list of fields (when indexAllFields configuration parameter is set to false), some of the fields may be indexed as plain text without pre-processing.

    For example, content of a Multilist field may be indexed as:


    instead of

    ["110d559fdea542ea9c1c8a5df7e70ef9", "5c26d52314f04fac930f96918dfd897b"]


Applies to:

CMS 8.2 Update-7, 9.0 Update-2

CMS 9.1

September 03, 2019
September 03, 2019

Reference number:

252532, 230603