Deployment failure in Azure subscriptions with spending limit

  • Sitecore XP deployment can fail with a BadRequest error when creating a Microsoft.Insights/Components/CurrentBillingFeatures resource in Azure subscriptions using only Azure monthly credits for purchases, such as Visual Studio/MSDN Azure subscriptions with spending limit.

    This issue can occur due to the fact that Azure monthly credits cannot be used to purchase Application Insights features or consumption. As a result, Application Insights resources are always limited to the Basic pricing plan and 1 GB/month.

  • In the Azure subscription, set up a payment method such as a credit card and adjust the spending limit prior to deploying Sitecore XP.

Applies to:

Azure Toolkit 1+, CMS 8.2 Update-1+

September 26, 2017
September 26, 2017


  • Azure Module