Sitecore Email Cloud – service catalog

  • Sitecore Email Cloud provides an enterprise-ready email delivery service. This table shows the services that are currently available for Sitecore Email Cloud. There will be more services offered in the future.

    You can order a service using the Sitecore Support Portal. For information on how to use the portal, visit How to use Sitecore Support Portal.

    Service Description Method Estimated Resolution Time
     Sitecore Email Cloud activation Request a Sitecore Email Cloud subscription. Contact Sitecore regional office N/A
    Sitecore Email Cloud termination Request a Sitecore Email Cloud subscription termination. Contact Sitecore regional office N/A
    View consumption View your unit consumption vs. quota for a given period. Self-service within Email Experience Manager N/A
    Manage domains Set up senders' domains for dispatching through the Email Cloud service. Self-service within Email Experience Manager N/A
    Manage suppression list Add and remove recipients using a suppression list. Self-service within Email Experience Manager N/A
    Get detailed delivery statistics Request a log containing recently performed dispatches, bounces, complaint details, and so on, to investigate any concern regarding specific campaign deliverability. Contact Sitecore Support 3 business days
    Swap/change license Request for changing the Email Cloud subscription from an old license to a new license. Contact Sitecore Support N/A

    Note: Sitecore Support strives to achieve the provided resolution time estimates for most of the cases, but the final timeline can vary due to technical factors specific to each customer environment. In order to evaluate a particular item execution, contact Sitecore Support in advance.

  • This section describes the support and maintenance services that are available.

    Policy Description
    Delivery logs retention Detailed email delivery logs available for 10 days only.
    Aggregated statistics (metrics, rates, percentages)
    retained for a 6-month period.
    Reputation management Customer is responsible for using service per signed contract and avoiding violation of mail management rules. Sitecore assists with proactive alerts about certain activity on a customer account, such as the hard bounce rate increasing.

Applies to:

EXM 1+

November 01, 2016
December 06, 2018


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