How to import data into xDB Cloud

  • Note: This documentation describes a particular service request available for xDB Cloud service. To get a high-level overview of all available service aspects for xDB Cloud, refer to the xDB Cloud Service Catalog article.

    This article describes the overall planning and execution of the data import from an existing xDB setup to an xDB Cloud set. There are two possible scenarios for moving a MongoDB database:

    • From an existing xDB Cloud set to a new xDB Cloud set.
    • From an On-Premise setup to an xDB Cloud set.
  • General Workflow

    To request an import, you must register a support ticket through the Sitecore Support portal. If you do not have a valid Sitecore certification, you must contact your Sitecore Implementation Partner to register the support ticket for you. If this is not possible, contact your Sitecore representative to access the Sitecore Support portal.

    Please use the following process as a general guidance:

    1. A customer contacts Sitecore Support to request an xDB import, stating the type of case as mentioned above. The import date, time-frame, and exact workflow should be negotiated within the support ticket.
    2. The customer provides the following data to Sitecore Support within the request:
      • xDB Cloud -> xDB Cloud Migration: License ID, Deployment ID of Source xDB Cloud set, and Deployment ID of Target xDB Cloud set.
      • On Premise DB -> xDB Cloud Migration: License ID, Deployment ID of Target xDB Cloud set, and MongoDB database backup uploaded to Sitecore Support File Server or any other suitable location.
    3. Sitecore Support performs the import of xDB Cloud resources to the target xDB set. During this time, the source xDB Cloud set will not be affected, while we recommend that the connection to the target xDB Cloud set is disabled to ensure data consistency.
    4. After the import is finished, Sitecore Support notifies the customer. The customer then needs to perform some post-import steps (the instructions are provided in the support ticket).
    • The import procedure is designed to import the existing MongoDB database to a fresh xDB Cloud set. Please be aware that if you import it to a non-fresh set (that is, an analytics database in MongoDB containing data), there can be a loss of data due to duplication.
    • Although the target SLA for the import operation is defined, the exact import time can vary due to technical factors, such as database size, data specifics, or data center locations when the existing xDB Cloud set is used as a source of import, and so on.

Applies to:

CMS 8+

May 16, 2017
May 16, 2017


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