Sitecore Support Patch Storage

  • Description

    Sitecore publishes detailed information about popular known issues in Sitecore products, including appropriate patches, hotfixes, or workarounds on the Sitecore Knowledge Base (KB) web site.

    It is recommended that Sitecore customers and partners who wish to stay informed of all published known issues periodically check the KB web site or subscribe to the appropriate RSS feed.

    In addition to using the Knowledge Base web site, Sitecore provides an auxiliary resource for discovering Sitecore Patches via the GitHub repository at the following location:

    Patches only made available via GitHub generally address very specific product issues or have smaller exposure than those published on the KB.

    GitHub repository is created to provide experienced Sitecore developers and power users with a way to discover, investigate, and reuse previously created Sitecore patches and potentially save time when developing Sitecore solutions.

    Given that patches provided via GitHub repository may not have the complete documentation, address very specific scenarios experienced by a small numbers of customers, be compatible only with specific Sitecore version, or be experimental, it is important that extra care is taken when deciding to directly use patches from GitHub repository without guidance from Sitecore Support. They should only be applied if the Sitecore solution is affected by the specific issue addressed by the patch and only after performing local testing of the fix.

    In case of any uncertainty, always contact Sitecore Support before applying Sitecore Patches.

    More information about Sitecore Patches, as well as their difference from Sitecore Hotfixes can be found in Sitecore Versioning Policy.

  • Repository Structure

    The Sitecore Support GitHub organization consists of the set of patch repositories.


    The repository collection is available at


    Patch repositories are named as Sitecore.Support[.<suffix>].<ID1>[.<ID2>...].

    IDs reflect public reference numbers of addressed issues. Using these numbers you can monitor for the new related information as described in the article.


    The patches available for download have the correspondent GitHub releases.

    Each release provides a compatibility information, description, and installation steps.

    Branches and Tags

    Different patch versions are stored in different GitHub branches that correspond to the product versions they were initially built for.

    GitHub tags define code commits that are used to build releases.

    You can use the appropriate branch or tag to access patch downloads or inspect the release code.

  • Sitecore will not process the feedback or questions about patches reported via GitHub.

    Any related inquiries should be directed to the Sitecore Support Portal.

June 13, 2018
December 28, 2018