Removed category isn't removed from Categories cache

  • Description

    After performing the following Postman request for removing some category

    { "entityId":"{{CategoryId}}", "forAction":"ReparentConfirmation", "itemId":"{{SellableItemId}}", "viewName":"PickParentConfirmation" }

    and then adding a category with the same name in BizFx tool, an error message appears stating that the category with this name exists.

  • As a workaround for the issue clear categories cache via Postman tool. To do this, send a {{ServiceHost}}/{{OpsApi}}/ClearCacheStoreCache() request with the following body:

      "cacheStoreName": "HabitatShops",
      "cacheName": "HabitatShops.Categories",
      "environmentName": "HabitatShops"

Applies to:

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 Initial Release+

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

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