Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard – Scaling Azure and related resources and resource groups

  • This topic describes the on-demand scaling services provided in the scope of Sitecore Managed Cloud for each Azure resource or the entire Resource Groups within the Sitecore Experience Management (XM), Experience Platform (XP), or Experience Database (XDB) topologies.

    Scaling resources up in Azure always incurs additional consumption for the Managed Cloud environment, which can generate an overage to the prepaid contract. Therefore, we recommend applying scale up and down activities either on a temporary basis or after consultation with your Sitecore sales representative.

  • To submit a request for scaling, provide the following information within a new ticket on the Sitecore Support Portal:

    • Azure Subscription ID or Resource Group Name (mc-xxxxx...) that you want to scale.
    • Type of scale: Environment / Specific Resource.
    • Details: target scaling tier, name of the resource (if applicable), and so on.

    For detailed information about different types of scaling, see the following sections.

  • Scaling the entire Sitecore resource group is a convenient way of upgrading all resources in your Sitecore instance and of retaining compatibility with the recommended performance tiers.

    Supported Managed Cloud Setups:

    • Sitecore XP Version: all supported builds of 8.2, 9.0, and 9.1 releases.
    • Topologies: XP, XM, and xDB.
    • Tiers to scale from/to: Extra Small - Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large.
      Note: Scaling from/to a "Single" topology is not supported.

    More details about recommended topologies and tiers:

  • Scaling a single Sitecore resource could be practical to mitigate specific load or increased traffic for a specific time frame.

    You can individually scale up/down and/or scale in/out every single resource deployed within Managed Cloud according to the previously described topologies and tiers, depending on the resource design.

Applies to:

Managed Cloud 1+, Azure Module 1+

March 21, 2019
January 21, 2020


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