How to collect basic information about xConnect

  • xConnect is the service layer between the xDB and a trusted client used to read, write and search the xDB data. It may operate in one of the following modes, depending on the topology in use:

    • as a single role by performing all related operations.
    • as multiple roles having different responsibilities and using separate folders.

    Use the solution that most closely resembles the applied topology.

  • xConnect instances and services use the Serilog library to write logs with different minimum logging levels depending on the applied environment. Note: 

    • Because on-premise deployments use the Information logging level, most of operations are recorded.
    • Because Azure Web Apps deployments use the Warning logging level only against errors, the folder containing logs might not even be created.

    Log levels are assigned separately both for instances and services. 

    If there is a need to change the logging level, e.g. to Information, configure the section <MinimumLevel> in this way:

    1. Navigate to the corresponding paths:
      • \App_data\config\sitecore\CoreServices\sc.Serilog.xml
      • \App_data\jobs\continuous\SERVICE-NAME\App_data\Config\Sitecore\CoreServices\sc.Serilog.xml
    2. Open the sc.Serilog.xml file.
    3. Set the logging level to Information as follows:
    4. Save and close the file.
    • For an architecture with a single xConnect instance, add the whole xConnect directory to a zipped file.
    • For the case with multiple xConnect instances:
      • If data is requested for specific role only, add the corresponding folder to a zipped file.
      • If specific role is not defined, add all folders to a zipped file to create the zip for all instances.
    • The collected data can be uploaded to the Sitecore Support Box Storage.
  • App Services (instances)
    To access deployed application files, adopt the approach specified in the section Solution for Sitecore on-premise. Use FTP as one of the fastest ways to access files in Azure Web Apps (see the section Accessing Sitecore Configs and other files via FTP in this article).

    WebJobs (services)
    Azure WebJobs are used for running IndexWorker, AutomationEngine, and ProcessingEngine services for Cloud environments. Service files are copied to the D:\local\Temp\jobs\continuous folder and run from this directory.

    • XP Single environment
      • All WebJobs function in the context of the same (one) xConnect instance.
    • XP Scaled environment
      • IndexWorker operates in the context of an xc-search app service.
      • AutomationEngine functions in the context of a ma-ops app service.
      • ProcessingEngine works in the context of a cortex-processing app service.

    To collect log files for xConnect services run as WebJobs:

    1. in the Azure Portal, find the related xConnect App Service.
    2. using KUDU, navigate to the App_data folder for corresponding WebJob as follows: D:\local\Temp\jobs\continuous\JOB-NAME\RANDOM-NAME\App_data.
    3. Click the Download button to the left of the Logs folder.
    The collected data can be uploaded to the Sitecore Support Box Storage.

Applies to:

CMS 9.0 Initial Release+

March 29, 2019
April 05, 2019