Performance issues when unlocking items

  • The process of unlocking items in the My items dialog in Content Editor might be noticeably slow. The issue is caused by a query that makes heavy SQL requests when processing a large content tree to identify the items locked by a user.

  • To resolve the issue for Sitecore XP 9.0.x, do the following:

    1. Download the following files and copy them to the corresponding directories:
    2. Introduce the SQL-filtered index for the Sitecore Master database:
      CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX IX_Versioned_Locks_Filtered
          ON VersionedFields (itemID)
      INCLUDE (Value,language,version)
          WHERE FieldId='{001DD393-96C5-490B-924A-B0F25CD9EFD8}' -- this is lock fieldID
    3. Navigate to the \Website\sitecore\shell\Applications\WebEdit\Dialogs\LockedItems folder and change the x:inherits attribute in the LockedItems.xaml.xml file as follows:
      <Sitecore.Shell.Applications.WebEdit.Dialogs.LockedItems x:inherits="Sitecore.Support.Shell.Applications.WebEdit.Dialogs.LockedItems.LockedItemsPage,Sitecore.Support.156916">

    To get a solution for other Sitecore XP releases, contact Sitecore Support.

Applies to:

CMS 9.0 Update-1 - 9.3 Initial Release

CMS 10.0 Initial Release

July 29, 2019
August 04, 2020

Reference number: