Database agent is not required on Processing role

  • The scheduled database tasks might not be invoked as expected because they are executed by a Processing role. This can slow down the performance due to a large number of SQL requests, for example, to the Reporting or Master database.

  • To resolve the issue, update the Sitecore.Processing.config file, so that it does not include the Processing role.
    1. Open the \App_Config\Sitecore\CMS.Core\Sitecore.Processing.config file on your Processing server.
    2. Disable database agents by removing the Processing role as follows:
      <sitecore role:require="Standalone or ContentManagement or Processing">

Applies to:

CMS 9.0 Initial Release - 9.1 Update-1

CMS 9.2 Initial Release

February 26, 2020
February 26, 2020

Reference number: