Device detection component is not ready warnings in Sitecore XP logs

  • A lot of device detection warning messages might be found in the log records after Sitecore XP aggregates the analytics data, even though the device detection service is not being used, for example:

    WARN  [Experience Analytics]: Device detection component is not ready. Device model will be aggregated as classification unavailable.
  • To resolve the issue, consider the following steps:

    • Download and install the patch compatible with the affected product version found on this page:
      To get a solution for other releases, contact Sitecore Support.
    • Make sure that the DeviceDetection.Enabled setting in the /App_Config/Include/CES/Sitecore.CES.DeviceDetection.config file is set to "false":
      <setting name="DeviceDetection.Enabled" value="false"/>

Applies to:

CMS 8.1 Initial Release - 9.3 Initial Release

CMS 10.0 Initial Release

February 26, 2020
August 04, 2020

Reference number: