Working with My Environments on Support Portal

  • This article explains how to work with the My Environments feature on Sitecore Support Portal.

    For information about the overall use of Sitecore Support Portal, please review this article: KB654910.

  • When creating a new support case related to Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) or Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) software, information about the Sitecore environment affected by the reported issue has to be provided.

    Providing correct information is critical in helping Sitecore Support team to effectively resolve support cases.

    To save effort when opening new support cases and to help provide consistent and up-to-date information to Sitecore Support team, Sitecore Support Portal enables customers and partners to save and reuse data about their Sitecore environment configuration.

    Information about Sitecore XP and XC environments is maintained via dedicated records which are stored separately from support cases or service requests.

    There are two ways to create and maintain such records:

    1. When using Support Case Creation form, if Environment Label field is populated, an environment record will be automatically created or updated upon submitting a support case.

    2. Using My Environments page.

    For Development, Production, or other environment types, it is good practice to always maintain a dedicated record for each of them as correct identification of the type of the environment and its details help Sitecore Support understand the impact of the issue and determine appropriate troubleshooting techniques.

  • General information about how to create support cases is provided in the following article:

    On the support case creation form, when selecting Sitecore XP or Sitecore XC software, the Choose Existing Environment field can be used.

    If environment information was previously entered into Support Portal, it is possible to select one of the existing environment records using this field.

    Once appropriate Sitecore environment record is selected, related fields such as Product Version or Web Server OS that correspond to this environment record will be auto-populated.

    If some parameters of the environment have changed (for example, Sitecore was upgraded to a later version), appropriate fields on the case creation form can be modified and the corresponding environment record will be automatically updated with the new values for future use.

    Environment information is only saved or updated if Environment Label field is not empty. Environment Label is used to identify the environment in the future. 

  • My Environments page can be accessed by visiting Cases menu item and then clicking My Environments button:

    On this page, it is possible to create new environments, update the existing, and delete the outdated ones.

    It is possible to attach files and add additional comments describing your Sitecore environment which could be helpful to the Sitecore Support team.

  • Environment records on Support Portal are always connected to a specific Sitecore Account.

    Support Portal users that have established relationship with this account are able to view, use, and update all corresponding environment records.

    This means that if a Sitecore Implementation Partner has registered relationship with a Sitecore Customer (, both Customer and Partner users will be able to access environment information related to this customer's account.

Applies to:

Sitecore Support Portal 1+

February 21, 2020
April 14, 2020