Product changes are not applied in Sitecore XC storefront due to invalid datetime format

  • When adding a new product to the existing category in Sitecore Experience Commerce scaled environment, a new product appears in the category listing but the product details page might not be accessed in a storefront. The root cause of the issue is that the date of entity update and the date of the mapping update are compared between local time and UTC time formats. As a result, the date comparison is not correct, and subsequent processing is not indexed, mapped, or cached for the entities that would otherwise be updated.
  • To resolve the issue, consider the following options:
    • Upgrade Sitecore XC instance to Sitecore XC 10.0.0 or later.
    • For Sitecore XС 9.2.0, download and install the hotfix: SC Hotfix 401932-1

      Be aware that the hotfix was built for a specific Sitecore XС version, and must not be installed on other Sitecore XС versions or in combination with other hotfixes. In case any other hotfixes have already been installed on a certain Sitecore XC instance, send a request for a compatibility check to Sitecore Support.

      Note that the ZIP file contents need to be extracted to locate installation instructions and related files inside. The hotfixes must be installed on a CM instance and then synced with other instances using standard development practices.

    • To get a solution for other releases, contact Sitecore Support.

Applies to:

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.2 Initial Release - 9.3 Initial Release

Sitecore Experience Commerce 10.0 Initial Release

February 02, 2021
February 02, 2021

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