Working with My Bugs page on Support Portal

  • This article explains how to view the status of Sitecore product bugs related to specific support cases.

    For information about the overall use of Sitecore Support Portal, please review this article: KB654910.

  • While investigating a support case, Sitecore might identify a product bug or a defect that is a root cause of the reported issue or is related to the root cause.

    When this happens, Sitecore confirms the identification of the defect to the support case owner and looks for a workaround or a solution for the defect according to its severity and impact on the customer's project. In addition, Sitecore communicates a public reference number to the support case owner that can be used for tracking the future status of the defect.

    Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal provides self-service functionality that allows Sitecore customers and partners to monitor the status of the bugs that are related to their support cases by using the My Bugs page.

  • To access the My Bugs page, on the Support Portal, click the Cases menu item and then click the My Bugs icon.

  • The My Bugs page shows a list of bugs that are related to support cases accessible to the support portal user.

    For the bugs that have been fixed in the publicly available release, the appropriate Fixed In status is shown. It also provides a hyperlink to the appropriate release notes or download information.

  • Every bug that can be visible on Support Portal is connected to a specific support case.

    Support Portal users that are able to access a specific support case are also able to view bugs related to this case.

    This means that if a Sitecore Implementation Partner created a support case on behalf of a Sitecore Customer (, both Customer and Partner users will be able to see both the support case as well as the bugs related to this support case.

    Additionally, related bugs are shown only for support cases that reference Sitecore XP versions in the Mainstream Support Phase. For older Sitecore versions or no Sitecore version identifier, related bugs are not visible on the My Bugs page. Product Wishes and Feature Requests are also not visible on the My Bugs page.

Applies to:

Sitecore Support Portal 1+

March 25, 2020
April 14, 2020


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