Segregating extranet and intranet sites in Sitecore XP

  • A single Sitecore XM/XP instance might contain multiple sites. Developers might want to include publicly available (extranet) sites, as well as sites with restricted access (intranet) in the same instance. When implementing solutions containing both types of sites, developers must be aware that Sitecore XM/XP does not have a built-in functionality to limit the network access to intranet sites. However, there are options to achieve extranet and intranet site segregation, as described in the following sections.

  • Sitecore XM/XP has the following mechanisms of restricting the access to the items of a certain site:

    • Setting up security permissions on site items for specific Sitecore users/roles (see the Assign access rights to a security account article).
    • Enabling the requireLogin attribute on the site definition and creating a login page.
  • When an intranet site is going to be used inside a restricted network, you must do the following on the Sitecore XM/XP side:

    • Create a dedicated Content Delivery instance, which must serve only the restricted site.
    • Create a separate database and publishing target for the restricted site items.

Applies to:

CMS 6+

April 30, 2020
May 22, 2020