"Can not convert Array to String" error while using Azure Search

  • When using Azure Search, facets might not be displayed and the following error occurs:
    An error has occurred and the facets cannot be displayed.
    Also, the following error can appear in the log records:
    [ArgumentException: Can not convert Array to String.]
       Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken.op_Explicit(JToken value) +391
       Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken.ToObject(Type objectType) +1538
       Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken.ToObject() +46
       Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.Http.SearchResultsDeserializer.Deserialize(String textResults) +1142
       Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.Query.LinqToCloudIndex`1.Execute(CloudQuery query, Int32& countDoc, Int32& totalDoc, Dictionary`2& facetResult, SearchRequest& nextPageRequestParameters) +2572
       Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.Query.LinqToCloudIndex`1.Execute(CloudQuery compositeQuery) +997
       Sitecore.ContentSearch.Linq.QueryableExtensions.GetFacets(IQueryable`1 source) +363
  • To resolve the issue, consider one of the following options:
    • Upgrade Sitecore XP instance to 9.2 or later.
    • Download and install the hotfix compatible with the affected product version:

    Be aware that hotfixes were built for a specific Sitecore XP version, and must not be installed on other Sitecore XP versions or in combination with other hotfixes. In case any other hotfixes have already been installed on a certain Sitecore XP instance, send a request for a compatibility check to Sitecore Support.
    Note that the ZIP file contents need to be extracted to locate installation instructions and related files inside. The hotfixes must be installed on a CM instance and then synced with other instances using standard development practices.

Applies to:

CMS 9.1 Initial Release - 9.1 Update-1

CMS 9.2+

January 20, 2021
January 20, 2021

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