"Couldn't retrieve device information for user agent" error in the log when Device Detection is disabled

  • An unhandled exception related to Sitecore Device Detection might appear in the log when the Device Detection module is disabled:
    8652 13:54:44 ERROR Couldn't retrieve device information for user agent: [user agent name]
    Exception: Sitecore.CES.DeviceDetection.Exceptions.DeviceDetectionException
    Message: Device detection is disabled
    Source: Sitecore.CES.DeviceDetection
    at Sitecore.CES.DeviceDetection.DefaultDeviceDetectionManager.GetDeviceInformation(String userAgent)
    at Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.DataAccess.Pipelines.ConvertToXConnectInteractionPipeline.ConvertToXConnectInteractionProcessor.ProcessGetUserAgentInfo(ConvertToXConnectInteractionPipelineArgs args)
  • To resolve the issue, consider one of the following options:
    • Upgrade Sitecore XP instance to Sitecore XP 10.0.0 or higher.
    • Download and install the hotfix compatible with the affected product version:
    Be aware that hotfixes were built for a specific Sitecore XP versions, and must not be installed on other Sitecore XP versions or in combination with other hotfixes. In case any other hotfixes have already been installed on a certain Sitecore XP instance, send a request for a compatibility check to Sitecore Support.
    Note that the ZIP file contents need to be extracted to locate installation instructions and related files inside. The hotfixes must be installed on a CM instance and then synced with other instances using standard development practices.
    • Because the behavior does not affect the functionality, you can prevent exceptions from appearing in the logs. To do this, add the following filter to the LogFileAppender:
    • <filter type="log4net.Filter.StringMatchFilter">
          <stringToMatch value="retrieve device information for user agent"/>
          <acceptOnMatch value="false" />

Applies to:

CMS 9.1 - 9.3 Initial Release

CMS 10.0 Initial Release+

February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021

Reference number:



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